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A Cajun French-English Glossary - Louisiana State University

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avaler des couleuvres, to eat crow, i.e., to put up with humiliation, to swallow grass snakes. avoir bon dos, to be an easy scapegoat, to have [a] good back. avoir d'autres chats à fouetter¹, to have other/better things to do, to have bigger fish to fry, to have other cats to whip. avoir de la gueule¹, to be attractive, to have [a] mouth; 

znakomstva france tourisme 24 déc. 2017 urrone michaonthemoon: yaoibutts love how potato in French is pomme de terre, which pretty much means earth apple. like what stupid frenchman saw this: and said "zis petite légume looks like a, how you say, APPLE! hmmm. but it grows in ze earth HON HON HON! MAIS OUI!C'EST UNE POMME DE 

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3 sept. 2016 Fortunately, there are MANY words that sound like French, so understanding is usually pretty easy- except the irregular verbs when conjugated and the plurals! We hunt the friendliest coffe shop we can find as soon as we arrive in a town, and we squat for a couple of relaxed focussed hours, making use of 

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